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RSC – Regular Slotted Carton
The most common box style is the Regular Slotted Container. All flaps are the same length and the major flaps meet in the center of the box. The manufacturer's joint is most often joined with adhesive but may also be taped or stitched. The box is shipped flat (knocked down) to the packager who sets up the box, fills it, and closes it for shipment. Box closure may be by tape, adhesive, staples, strapping, etc.



FOL – Full Overlap Box
A Full Overlap Box is similar to an RSC except the major flaps fully overlap.
  HSC – Half Slotted Carton
A Half Slotted Container (HSC) Bottom or top normally used as a shroud (cap) or base (bottom)
  OLSC – Overlap Slotted Carton
Outer flaps extend partially across the width. This style is used to enhance top and bottom cushioning
  Full Telescope Box
Has two fully telescoping sections that fit inside each other providing more corner protection. The sections may be formed by staples, die-cut locks, adhesive, etc.
  One-Piece Folder
This is often referred to as “book folders” or “mailers”. This style is perfect for books, and electrical circuitry.
  Die-Cut Box
This style box is usually designed customized container that has unusual slots, cuts, and scores.






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