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Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Resources
Label printers and barcode printers have two different methods of printing known as direct thermal and thermal transfer. There are ups and downs to each one and they are both appropriate for different situations. Here is a description of each printing method.

Direct Thermal
Direct thermal printers use heat from a print head to print directly onto media that has a special chemical coat on it. The image is made when heat is applied to the paper. Direct thermal technology does not need a ribbon. After a while, the images will begin to fade or blacken. Direct thermal technology is ideal for temporary labels, such as shipping labels, but not for items that may be exposed to high temperatures to direct sunlight. Direct thermal printing is an inexpensive way to print labels for temporary applications.

Thermal Transfer
On the other hand, if you need the media to last for a longer than six months, thermal transfer is the correct technology. This technology also uses heat, but instead of a print head applying heat directly to the media, it applies heat to the ribbon which melts the ink from the ribbon onto the media. Thermal transfer is ideal if you are interested in a higher image quality and need the media to last more than six months. The problem of fading or blackened labels is also eliminated with thermal transfer, but supplies for thermal transfer printers must be replenished regularly (ie. Ribbons).

Dry Edge Labels
Dry edge allows for heavy coated weight pattern adhesives to be die cut and remove waste and eliminate edge oozing. They can also be fed through automatic equipment and thermal printers.

Variable Imaging Products
Pre-printed and blanks for every type of Thermal Transfer and Direct Transfer printers on rolls, sheets or fanfold. Custom materials and adhesive combinations for food and pharmaceutical applications.

On Pack/In Pack Store Promotional Products
Foldouts, mulit-page booklets, scratch offs, instant savings/win, recipes, hidden information, shelf danglers, buy/membership cards, coupons with bar codes or numbers.

Prime Labels
For Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Consumer, and Nutraceutical products. High definition, up to 14 colors in one pass, UV cured inks and coatings and muli-level construction. Instant shelf appeal labels that will make your product stand out compared to the competitors.

Direct Mail Products
Full window envelopes, roll fed repositionable notes, piggyback, flexible magnets, membership cards, inserts and multi-layer constructions.

Pharmaceutical Labels
Tamper evident and expanded content labels, clinical and primary products. Strict Parmaceutical SOP’s control quality, tracability and documentation. Operate under FDA cGMP guidelines.





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