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Material Specifications

1.  MIL-PRF-131J-Class I (Foil or Tyvek)

2.  MIL-B-131H-Class III (Scrim Foil)

3.  MIL-PRF-131J-Class II (Paper Foil)

4.  MIL-PRF-121F-Type I (Poly Kraft)

5.  MIL-PRF-121F-Type II (Poly Kraft)

6.  MIL-PRF-22191-E-Type II (Poly Mylar)

7.  MIL-PRF-22191-E-Type I (Aclar Poly)

8.  MIL-PRF-22191-E-Type III (Polyethylene)

9.  MIL-PRF-81705-D-Type I (ESD/EMI Opaque Static Shielding)

10. MIL-PRF-81705-D- Type III (ESD Translucent Static Shielding)


Packaging Method

MIL-DTL-117H-Type I-Class E-Style I

MIL-B-117G-Type II-Class E-Style I

MIL-DTL-117H-Type II-Class E-Style I

MIL-DTL-117H-Type II-Class C-Style I

MIL-DTL-117H-Type III-Class C-Style I

MIL-DTL-117H-Type II-Class C-Style II

MIL-DTL-117H-Type I-Class E-Style II

MIL-DTL-117H-Type III-Class B-Style II

MIL-DTL-117H-Type I-Class F-Style I

MIL-DTL-117H-Type II-Class H-Style II






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